There were just a handful of albums released during the year, however there were still some gems.
There were a lot of great songs, but it seems Nigerian artistes have an aversion to making albums or they’re just lazy.
Like the french say, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. so without further ado, here are the best albums among the (mediocre) lot released this year.

10 The Second Coming — VectorVECTOR-T2C  

This album just came out and distribution has been lousy, to be honest, I’m yet to get the album but from the track list I’ve seen, and the other albums released this year, it should probably be higher up this list. but for now, vector just manages to make the cut.. hmmmn, absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder!

— EME All Stars — Eme Records & Frenzy — D PrinceEmpire-State-of-Mind-album-art
Two albums we didn’t see coming, two albums that surprised us. two albums that have a whopping 45 or 46 tracks combined! (m not sure the top 5 albums have up to that number of tracks combined, lol). the less said about them, the better. however, both albums would have been placed higher up this list if they had a more slim-fitted number of tracks! Nevertheless, expect these albums to last for a long time!frenzy-tracklist-internet-600x600

7 OBO — DavidoDavido_OBO_new-972x1024
in my life, i have never seen any musician blow up as fast as davido did, however, a blessing can sometimes curse you, this sudden rise to fame and prominence probably hindered davido’s progression as an artiste. however, there’s still room for improvement, OBO is an okay album and a solid platform to start of your career. the album may not be a classic, but as long as some of the singles remain staples for DJs, david o won’t mind.

 reminisce6 My Book Of Rap Stories — Reminisce
Reminisce reminds me a lot of wacka flocka flame, they both look like they’ll beat u up in a street fight and they’re ready to tell you, they’re not the best rapper! however, just like flocka, what works for remi is his street lingo, his street attitude and his fans love it! with songs like kako, bisi my lover, if only, 2 mush & 2 mush remix, BORS may just be the most slept on album of the year.

5 YBNL — OlamideOlamide
“I’m The Voice Of The Streets!” olamide screams on the street hit VOTS, excellent sophomore album from bariga’s finest! like many albums this year, this album could have done with fewer tracks and olamide succeeded in showing what a loss, da grin is to the industry! olamide delivered on this project, however, the production on most of the songs could have been much better.

4 Undeniable — EldeeUndeniable-400x395
Veteran rapper announces his next album would be his last, how many times have we seen that? but on undeniable, eldee shows why he’s called the don, albeit with some production gems by sarz (isn’t he like the best producer at the moment?). undeniable is a great album, that shows that eldee has accepted his pop music alter ego while also delivering on a few rap cuts.. we’ll miss you sir.

3 Son Of A kapenta — Brymobrymo-e1353354513692
before brymo signed to chocolate city, very few people knew him or even knew he had released an album. but oleku dropped and he blew up. on, SOAK, brymo didn’t rest on his laurels and managed to give us a great album, one that can stand the test of time.

2 Away & Beyond — Tuface IdibiaAway-Beyond
Hypertek! Nigeria Living legend, tuface idibia takes it to a spiritual level with this project, that features excellent production, great lyrics and a wide range of guests. this is a mature 2face, but he still oozes the same charisma. creative and quality music, tuface doesn’t the industry formula of the day!

1 African Woman — Jodie46547_423028867754409_445077419_n
“u tell me kuchi kuchi” or something like that. kuchi kuchi, the run away hit is the lead single but as with most great albums isn’t even the best song on the “african woman” album (she reps dun entertainment). excellent album by jodie in an industry where the females are mostly seen and not heard. and the ones that try to be heard are pushed aside (case in point, the trybe-eva fisco). and for this reason, african woman is my best album for 2012! not since asa has a female artiste released something this good and widely accepted, more of this please..



BONUS: 12 Essential Tracks Of 2012

unless you were in a severe coma or just came back from scandinavia, you must have heard any of these songs that were released during the year!

ihe neme by tuface

goody bag by d prince

like to party burna boy

omo pastor/serenre by ajebutter 22

first of all by olamide

kokoma by k9

distractions by aq & vector

tony montana remix by naeto c

oko mi by waje

bum bum by timaya

Overseas by davido

ur waist/kukere remix by iyanya

any of wizkid’s (everyone’s favorite artiste) freestyles’ (fortunately they were many of them)


2 thoughts on “The Nairaview: The Top 10 Nigerian Music Albums Of 2012

  1. Some people do not have the gift of singing. Some have the gift of playing musical instruments. I was born a singer and an instrumentalist. There is a particular level that you will get to and you will rise as a musician. I grew to the level of owning my own band and releasing albums. I served other people over the years. I wrote songs and when it was time for me to come out, I came out.

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