The common animals who are suffering and working for the good of the farm are resisting the abrupt discontinuation of the supply of clean drinking water to the animals at the next to nothing, extremely cheap prices.
Jegi is the head of the farm, the pig who had been chosen by other pigs to rule over the farm, Jegi (who is actually one of the few animals who can read and write) was able to convince the other farm animals to vote for him by drawing their sympathy as he claimed to be from a poor background and that he had experienced the hardship faced by the common animals first hand. He claimed further to be the best man for the job as he knew how the problems of the farm could be solved.
Eventually, Jegi won the election to the dismay of some of the ruling pigs who had always been against the nomination of Jegi to lead the farm, they felt there were even more capable hands and that Jegi was inexperienced and lacked political antecedents precedents. These pigs decided they were going to disrupt the fragile peace enjoyed on the farm and were prepared to do everything to make sure Jegi left office prematurely. consequently, there were mysterious deaths as well as destruction of farm property as well as disruption of regular farm activities.
After Jegi stopped supplying the farm animals with the almost free clean water, the farm animals put down their tools and stopped all farm activities in protest! They wanted the farm leadership to revert to the old price. They were led by some disgruntled pigs as well as Fire, the explosive horse (who actually contested and lost against Jegi in the last election), Peter (a cunning fox who used to be part of the Jegi cabinet initially until his cunning ways got the better of him) and other wizened dogs, cats, donkeys and horses.
In truth, it was really unfair for the Jegi government to discontinue the provision of clean affordable water since that was the only thing the animals benefited from working on the farm. The farm was very productive despite the fact that animals worked in terrible conditions. In reality, clean water is supplied to farm (from the water corporation) in exchange for the water from the lake which occupies a portion of the farm as well as farm produce too. So the farm animals were really working in terrible conditions and getting “peanuts” in return and they were still made to pay for water that is supplied to the farm practically free of charge. That the government made provisions for the clean water to be available at subsidised rates to the farm animals is mere propaganda: politics and lies.
The farm animals cursed and cried foul, they were tired of working for almost nothing while the ruling pigs live large and got fat. The farm animals slept in all kinds of places; the shed, the barn, in the field, under the tractor, on the trees and so on while the pigs lived in the the manor mansion on clean beds, ate assorted food, drank beer without actually performing any particular farm activity.
Anytime they tried to complain, a certain dog named Shepherd convinced them that it was all in their best interest and that the pigs were doing what was best for the farm.
During the protest or strike, the farm animals remembered their heroes who fought for the independence as well as the growth and survival of the farm. They remembered Snowball, the horse Boxer and also the cats Aniku and Fangi (who fought with their lives for the rise back to greatness of the animal farm after it was almost ruined by the leadership of Napoleon).
Some elder farm animals (who were, in secret, the brains behind Jegi’s actions) such as Obiji, Ibebe and Juma condemned their protege but also remarked that Jegi n his cabinet (pigs such as Noi, Mido n DAM) probably meant well and they were committed to improving the welfare of the farm animals as well as create new infrastructure such as modern wind mill, machinery, improved irrigation channels and quarters for the farm animals to stay.
Initially, Jegi’s advisers told him to maintain a hardstance as backing down from the decision to remove all subsidy on water or even negotiating with protesting farm animals would make him look weak. So to save face, Jegi told the farm animals that his decision was final and ordered the attack dogs to patrol round the the animal farm and arrest or even kill off any animal that was involved in any form of anti-government protest. However, this didn’t deter the farm animals as they continued with their protest.
After a couple of weeks, Jegi announced that he and his ruling council were ready to negotiate if the opposition were ready to reach a compromise. Fire the explosive horse told the farm animals that jegi had a trick up his sleeves and that the farm animals shouldn’t with anything less than total subsidisation of the clean water.
The reality was that the food supplies were dwindling in the manor mansion, there was no milk and the rum was being rationed as it was very small in quantity. As a result there was a lot of in-fighting among the ruling pigs who lived in the manor mansion.
Before the day of the meeting between Jegi and his advisors and the protesting animals, the horse Fire mysteriously disappeared.
At the meeting, jegi asked what the farm animals wanted. He explained that the money which he used to subsidize the clean water (which he actually got for free) was going to be re-allocated for other projects. He also made several promises and treated the farm animals to a feast. After which they sand many of the songs of revolution during the times of their founding fathers. ( What the majority of the farm animals were unaware of was that Jegi had earlier promised the representatives of the farm animals several gifts if they could convince the farm animals to go back to work)
The horse fire could only watch the proceedings in sadness from the windows of one of the rooms in the manor mansion where he was being watched by the attack dogs loyal to Jegi
Eventually, the farm animals decided to go back to their duty posts on the farm praying for the best. However, it was clear that if care is not taken, the ruling pigs may eventually have to pay for all the wickedness, treachery and oppression and oppression.


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