I Love Football!! I Love Sports!

I’m Very Passionate About Football, Hence I Dedicate The First Post On This Blog To Football (Soccer). I’ll Admit, This Post May Have A Lot To Do With The Baffling & Extremely Humiliating 6-1 Defeat At The Hands of The Noisy Neighbours Themselves, Manchester Shitty, Sorry City, The Foundations Of This Post Were Made While I Was Mourning The Game With A Bottle Of Lager & Some FELA Playing In The Background (As Well As A Football365.com Article), Call It Lazy Journalism, I Don’t Care
Men Will Spend Hours Talking About The Key Moments of Sport Events That Happened Over The Weekend, As A Matter of Fact For Months, Even Years! Instead of Them To Be Passionate About Things That Actually Affect Their Lives Like Politics & Faith, They Place Sports (Football In Particular At The Highest Pedestal!), Without Wasting Anymore Time (There’s Only So Much As I Can Write Before I Pass Out), Here’s Some of The Reasons I Love Football, I Think You’ll Agree With Some of Them…
»The PreMatch Build_Up & Festivities:

Who Doesn’t Enjoy Sitting Around Before The Game Eating or Drinking & Watching Earlier Games With About 50 of Your Friends & Family. In America, This Is Called Tailgating & It May Start Days Before The Match Day Itself
The Rest of The Week Is Spent Thinking About The Weekend; How Will We Do? Is He Finally Going To Score? Which Ref Is Going Cause Controversy This Week?
A Football Match, These Days, Is Never Quite Complete Without The Build Up From The Over Elaborate Media, If Ure Like Me, A Trip To The Local Bookmaker Is Sure To Raise Anticipation As Well As The Blood Pressure; The Build_Up Entertains, We Question The Manager’s Decisions While The Terrace Noise Brings Nolstagia…
The Usual Weekend, Starts With The Tea-Time Kick-off, The Results of Potential Winnings & The Highlights & Analysis of The Weekend Action On MOTD or Blitz

»The Big Games:
The Big Games Are Usually About Much More Than Just The Football Itself, Its About The Glory, The Pride, The Bragging Rights, Some Matches Have Political Undertones. The Anticipation Will Have Been Built-Up For Weeks, Everything You Stand Is At Stake, Sometimes, Its A Chance To Take Revenge on An Earlier Defeat. The Atmosphere At The Stadium Is Usually Electric, The Colourful Outfits & Costumes, Provocative Songs etc

»The Rivalry:
One Thing That Makes Football or Any Great Sport What It Is, Is The Inevitable Rivalry. Due To The Competitive Nature of Humans, There Are Bound To Rivalries; Local Rivalries (Manchester Derby, North London Derby, The Catalan Derby, Milan Derby, Sharks-Dolphins Derby ☺), Regional Derbies (Liverpool V Man Utd Is A Good Example, The Tyne-Wear Derby Too), Championship Rivalries (Barcelona-Madrid, Man Utd V Chelsea/Liverpool/Arsenal), Relegation Rivalries; We Love Them All, They Add More Life Into Footballing Encounters.

»The Controversy, The Arguments & The Banter:
We Love It, It Unites, It Entertains, It Makes Our Blood Pump Faster. Controversies Drive Arguements & The Discussions Give Us Something To Talk About. Nothing Is Perfect, So Controversy Will Remain A Part of Every Sport. The Arguments About Controversial Refree Decisions, Which Player Is Better, Club Policies, Club Transfers, etc. We Love The Banter, Its Healthy.

»We Love The Individual Players/Coaches On Display:
Some Of These People Bring Their Personality On & Off The Pitch, We Love The Loveable Players (Pippo Inzaghi, Chicharito), We Love The Wind Up Merchants Too (El Hadji Diouf, Emmanuel Adebayour, Materazzi), We Love The Elaborate Goal Celebrations, We Love The Dribbles, The Nutmegs, The Mazy Runs, Those Defense Splitting Passes, The Spectacular Goals. We Love Those Players Who Make The Game Seem Very Easy (Really, Its Not), We Love Crunchy But Fair Tackles Too.

»We Love The NickNames The Fans Give To The Players (Chicharito, El Nino, Sideshow Bob), Their Clubs (The Red Devils, The Submarines), The Stadiums (SanSiro, The KOP, The Old Lady), The Fans (The Red Army, The Tartan Army) Even The Matches Have Special Names (The El Grande Classico)

»We Love A Crazy Comeback!  enough said -_-

We Love It When

An Outfield Player Goes In Goal As A Keeper, Usually When The Keeper Has Been Injured/Suspended & The Substitutes Have Been Exhausted, It Never Works, So It Adds Some Comic Relief To Such Matches (The Teams Supporters Will Disagree Though), We Love The Occasional Applause After A Brilliant Team/Individual Performance By The Opposition (Ronaldo, The Fat One, Getting A Standing Ovation At Old Trafford After Scoring A Hattrick For Real Madrid Is A Classic Example), We Love It When The Ball Hits Someone It Was Intended For (Usually, A Referee, An Unsuspecting Fan, A Steward), We Love It When A Goalkeeper Joins The Attack During The Last Seconds Of A Match…
These Are Some Of The Things That Keep Us Crazy About Football, If You Have Other Suggestions, You’re Free To Add Them


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